Cape Otway Lightstation

The Lightstation Today

THE LIGHTSTATION remains a beacon for tourists travelling the Great Ocean Road and a shining landmark for Great Ocean Walkers.
Contemporary keepers at Cape Otway open the Lightstation 364 days a year offering tours, accommodation, school excursions and delicious meals.
The Light station is committed to supporting the cultural life of the Otways and the region, which has led to the hosting of Opera in the Otways for a third year on Saturday, November 17, 2012.
An iconic attraction of the Great Ocean Road and the Otways, the lighthouse is the most significant in Australia.
It has a rich and fascinating history, complete with enough dramas to rival those of the greatest operas.

cape otway lightstation
The lighthouse is perched more than 80 metres above the sea cliffs where the Southern Ocean and Bass Strait collide, in a place of stunning natural beauty. Standing on the balcony of the lighthouse, looking down at the pounding waves, with a birds eye view of passing whales, is a breath-taking experience.
A natural amphitheatre, just metres from the lighthouse, provides the perfect stage for Opera in the Otways.
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