Picking Fuel Transfer Pumps

Everything you need to know about picking a fuel transfer pump

Fuel transfer pump on top of a barrel If you’re shopping around for a fuel transfer pump, you know the market is flooded with options and probably want some help making a decision.

Whether you command a fleet of trucks of forklifts to do work or use smaller diesel-powered machines, the parts and tools used in your operations can have a huge impact on your productivity and revenue. That means the fuel transfer pump used in your facility could be the difference between vehicles running smoothly and everything grinding to a halt.

But making that final call about what fuel pump to buy can be tough. There a lot of practical aspects of fuel pumps to consider, even excluding things like the cost and return on investment.

To help, here are a few pointers to make sure you get the fuel pump that meets all your needs.

-2 questions to ask first

Before you start diving into vendor and pump options, take a step back and ask yourself two questions about the fuel pump you need:

  1. How will the pump be used?
  2. Where will the pump be used?

Answering the first question tells you some important things to look for in pumps, like what kind of flow rate you need to refuel your equipment. The flow rate is measured in liters per minute (ppm). Having an rpm rate too small for machines means waiting long periods during refueling, while pumps with rpm rates too high for equipment will cause you to spill and waste fuel.

If you’re refueling bigger machines you’ll want a pump with a high rpm rate: about 70 pm for most vans and trucks and 90 pm for large buses and heavy machinery. For smaller cars and machinery, like forklifts, a rate of 50 rpm should be fine.

The second question is important because it helps you determine what kind of power source and set up to look for in your next fuel pump.

If refueling is going to happen in one set location, you can choose a permanent pump that uses an AC power source in your facility. But if refueling will mostly happen at remote or temporary locations, like worksites or a secondary location, you’re likely better off using a battery-powered pump.

Manual pumps are also useful for refueling small machines or if you’ll need to transfer fuel between drums and other containers.

-Don’t forget about compliance

Depending on how you’ll use fuel transfer pumps, you’ll also have to contend with regulators and their various rules about equipment.

In the U.S., the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has strict rules about handling and storing fuel, as well as rules about how workers need to be trained on handling fuel. For example, the fuel tank your pump is connected to needs to be secured so it can’t be knocked over.

You can find more specifics about OSHA’s rules for using fuel pumps here.

Similarly, if you plan on using pumps to transfer fuel for sales, then pumps have to be configured so they can measure and weigh what’s being stored. That’s a requirement under the Weights and Measure Act but only applies in certain circumstances. If you only use pumps to refuel your own machines, you aren’t subject to the Weights and Measure Act requirements.

Excavator Rubber Tracks


Selecting the right Rubber Tracks for your Excavator

excavator by a cliff with the sun setting behind it

Thinking of buying excavator rubber tracks for sale? Wait! Make sure you keep the following factors in mind when purchasing rubber tracks. After all investing in tracks means an added burden on your pockets and that’s the reason why you need to make sure that you are buying the right product. Not everyone who sells rubber tracks is the best dealer. So do your research and buy excavator rubber tracks on a trusted and experienced sales person.


Make sure the excavator rubber tracks for sale are made from durable rubber

Sometimes when anything is on offer at a sales price we often turn a blind eye to a few of its faults. Doing so can cost you a great deal in the long run. The same goes for rubber tracks as well. Just because those are on offer at a discount, don’t just throw caution to the air and get a pair for yourself without doing some research. Make sure you know that the material from which these rubber tracks are made is top quality. It should have undergo continuous testing to ensure its longevity and durability. Since you would be using the machine on all sort of terrain, it is therefore necessary to get rubber tracks which offer you great value for money. Most companies ensure that their rubber undergoes vigorous testing before using it to design excavator tracks.


The tread pattern is a deciding factor as well

Would you be using these rubber tracks for a smooth terrain? Would you be driving the machine over uneven surfaces which might be sharp and jagged? In any case always look for a tread pattern which would work well for the terrain you want to use the excavator tracks for. If you don’t have a good idea regarding which of these tracks to use, make sure you talk to a professional. They can offer you complete guidance of what would actually wok and what wouldn’t.  


Never settle for the least expensive rubber tracks

Just because you find rubber tracks for sale at a dirt cheap price doesn’t mean you got to go ahead and buy those. Always practice caution. Spending a few hundred dollars more might seem like a major investment for the time being but later on high quality tracks would give greater performance. If you buy cheap tracks, chances are you would be replacing them more often.


Caution when replacing old excavator rubber tracks

Despite the fact that only one of your old rubber tracks has been worn down, you would still need to chance the complete rubber track on both sides. Why? Simply because replacing one means additional pressure on the one which is over used. Be smart and buy rubber tracks for the entire machinery at the same time.

Also make use you never overload the machinery then the recommended weight. Doing so would only hasten the process of wear and tear. Slow and steady is how you should be using the rubber tracks. Additional pressure would only end up ruining the performance.

To purchase the best excavator tracks on sale, make sure you check out the variety available at Terrappe Group.


Child Care Coomera

Finding the right child care for your little one can be challenging. If you are looking for the right childcare in Coomera, you may feel like it is one of the most stressful decisions you have ever made. While it is stressful, there are some things you can do to make the situation less stressful for you and your child.

Do you plan on using a public childcare center? Maybe a private child care center? Why not grandma’s house? The answer to this depends on your personal priorities and how you feel about each option, and whether grandma is able to take care of your child on a daily basis. Here is some advice for choosing the right child care in Coomera.

Kids playing at Coomera Childcare

           Determining Your Priorities

When you are trying to find the right child care in Coomera, it is important that you weigh your priorities. Since there are so many child care options to choose from, you can easily find one that suits your needs and provides the best of care for your child. By making a list of your priorities you, you can easily find a child care setting that meets all, or most, of your expectations.

Take a substantial amount of time to develop this list and make sure that you have reviewed all aspects of your child’s development, and any medical conditions they have into account.

  • Make a List of Necessities

When you are making your list, first, make a list of things that are necessary for the child care service to have. These are things that you are not willing to give up in your child’s daily care. An example of this would be the child to adult ratio. Having a low child to adult ratio is important to child development. It is also important for child safety.

Another example would be having an on-site nurse. If your child has a health condition, having an on-site nurse may be a necessity for you. This is definitely the case if your child has a medical condition that requires prompt medical responses, you may have a minimum education level for the nurse that is on-site as well.

  • Make a List of Wants

What do you want your child’s daycare to have? This list is meant for things that you want, but are not necessary for your child’s well-being. A good example of this would be a curriculum. Some daycare programs offer a learning program that reinforces what they are learning at home. As long as there are learning opportunities, this is not necessary at a young age. The best education they can get at this age is socialisation skills and working through problems in peer relationships.

After you have made your lists, visit daycare centers in the area that you are considering. See which daycare center provides more of your needs and wants. Carefully evaluate which option meets the most important on each of these lists. From here, it will be a lot easier to make your decision than it would be to blindly decide.

Make sure to put in your application to each daycare center you are interested in early. Child care in Coomera fills up very quickly, and you will want to ensure that your child makes it to the top of the waiting list before you need to start work.

Child Care Services @ the Opera

Child Care North Lakes

Is my Child Happy at Daycare?

So you have enrolled your child at a day care center. There must be tons of time when you would find yourself thinking if your child is happy at daycare? Whether you have made the right decision or not? All these things matter a great deal. After all you can’t be happy if you know that your little one isn’t getting the kind of attention or care, he or she deserves.

So how do you determine if you have made the right decision of sending your child for day care? Look out for the following

  • Your child is unhappy at daycare. It is common for children to feel some anxiety the first few day entering childcare. However, this anxiety must abate in a few weeks or a month or two.
  • If your child seems anxious even after being enrolled for more than a month, you might need to look into the matter.
  • Make a visit to the day care center to see how they carry out their daily activities. Whether the children are following a set routine. Most children are allotted specific time for playing, snacking and napping as well. Children who follow a routine are generally happier and less cranky. Probably your little one might be having trouble adjusting. A talk with the care giver could help ease things a little bit.

Attending a childcare can be pretty tough on children, but if they find the right kind of environment they can grow into happy little individuals.

The benefits of enrolling your child at daycare

There are quite a few reasons why you should be signing up your child for daycare. Some of these include

  • A fun learning environment for your child. Children can learn a great deal especially in their formative years. This is the best time to give your children some introduction to simple math and English concepts.
  • At daycare your child’s cognitive development takes place but along with that he or she is also learning to be socially intelligent. They start knowing the importance of sharing, of working in groups and helping others as well. Though children learn by example from their parents, at daycare you can expect them to learn on a first hand basis.
  • Research has proved that children who sped the first three years of their lives at day care often are way ahead of their peers. This is because they have got the necessary exposure. They are learning from the very best because child care workers are properly trained to attend to the child’s emotional, mental and physical needs.
  • Children need to work on their social skills and what place then a day care where they can learn all these important things just by interacting with other children their age.
  • Children learn through music, games, activities which involve natural materials like and water. They learn to make things with help of play dough. It can help sharpen their minds and fulfills their innate need to create things on their own. All these are perfect for letting your child achieve their growth milestones on time.

So what are you waiting for? For information on childcare in North Lakes make sure you contact Bay Explorers North Lakes for all the information.

House Builders
Hervey Bay

Are you looking for a house builder in Hervey Bay? If so, the phone book and Google are not going to help you very much. Finding a house builder is not at all like shopping at a grocery store. You have to find one that will suit your budget and can build the house you need, using the materials that you choose.  You have a lot of options, but how do you narrow them down into manageable pieces so you can choose the right house builder.

Find out as much as you can about the home building process and what it entails. You should also know how much you can afford to spend on a custom built house in combination with the land that you will be building on.

Before you search for a home builder, you should purchase the land you want to have your house built on. Consult with inspectors to ensure the land is physically able to handle a large structure being built on it. The last thing you want is to buy a piece of property that your builder cannot build on or one that is sitting on top of a hot spring that will cause your house to settle and eventually collapse.

house builder hervey bay

           Getting Quality and Value

Whenever you get the chance, look around at houses in the area. Go to open houses and look at the designs. Find out what company built the house and how old it is.

You can also go to lots to view model homes. Model homes and houses are displayed to let you see the ability and quality of the home builder. You can see the homes furnished and unfurnished so you can compare available space.

When you are examining homes and home builders look at the construction features and the quality of their materials. Here are some things you should check:

  • trim
  • paint
  • cabinets
  • carpeting

Ask the representative questions about these items and learn as much as you can about the building and the manufacturing process.

  • Make a List of Possible Home Builders

After you have decided what type of house you would like, contact your local home builder’s association in Hervey Bay. They will provide you with a list of builders in your area that meet your qualifications.

You can also check with local real estate companies to see if they contract with different builders, and which builders they prefer to work with. If all else fails, ask people you know about the different builders they have worked with, and whether the experience was positive and smooth.

  • Do Your Homework

After you have developed a list of builders in your area, the hard work begins. Write a list of questions that you have about the building process, the price to build, and the options that you have in a building process.

Interview the potential builders on your list and get their answers to the questions you have listed. Ask if they can show you some of the houses they have built recently. Ask for references from people they have built for recently so you can find out what it is like to work with them.

Make sure to follow up and contact their references. Ask them questions related to your list and what their experience they had working with the builder. Where they able to stay within the budget? If not, where the added expenses worth it?

Vivid Home Builders in Hervey Bay are a preferred and Registered company.

Roof Walk Way Systems for the Opera

Benefits of Roof Walk Way Systems

If you have your employees working on the roof top for some maintenance or routine work, roof walk way systems would help keep them safe and protected. The following are a few reasons why you should install good quality roof walk way systems.

Roof Walkway System

To ensure safety

This is the number one reason why people often want to install roof walk way systems. It can actually help prevent any sort of injuries and accidents which could be hazardous in nature. Often installing such systems is a requirement by the safety committee and you should make sure you know all the rules and regulations for work safety. Make sure you keep your employees safe.

Insurance benefits

Most insurance companies provide extra benefits to clients who go on to ensure complete safety for your employees. If there is ever a claim made against you, you can rest assured that you won’t have to pay up a great deal because you already took care of the safety part. So be smart and avoid any problems later on by having roof walk way systems installed.

Makes it easier for people to work

When you employees feel safe and secure they tend to work in a better way and more diligently. This way they can work faster and in a shorter period of time. So in the long run this small investment can actually save you a great deal of time and cash.

Things to keep in mind when installing roof walk way systems

  • When purchasing a roof walk way system make sure you purchase one which is made up of durable material. Those made with wood are prone to rotting and splintering.
  • Materials like galvanized steel are often a better choice because they are modular and can be adjusted easily to fit all roof types and levels. Plus they are also less resistant to damage.
  • They should be safe and should be fitted with anti-slip features so that your employees stay protected while carrying out maintenance or building work.
  • Portable roof walk way systems are often the best choice because they can be taken from one place to another without any problem.
  • The roof walk way systems should be designed in compliance with the requirements levied by the work safety organization.
  • The spacing should be simple and secure and allow the users to move freely from one place to another
  • The walk ways across a sloping roof need to be designed in such a way that it’s easier to take steps without the fear of tripping
  • The systems should be easy to install and extremely secure as well. Having a simple and safe walk way system would ensure more productivity by the people employees to carry out the maintenance task.
  • These should have an open tread system so that no water accumulates in the system when it rains.
  • The bars and treads for the walk way systems should be recyclable
  • The fixings should be such that they shouldn’t damage the roof structure in any way.

For the best roof walk way systems make sure you contact registered supplier.

Ensure you contact a registered Melbourne business to supply your roof walkway systems for your utmost safety.

Stars of the Opera

Stars of Opera to shine

ITS OFFICIAL! Opera in the Otways is back for its fifth year with a programme that will delight opera lovers and new-comers alike starring Jonathon Welch AM and Deborah Cheetham.
Jonathon Welch, a household name thanks to his inspirational leadership of the multi award-winning Choir of Hard Knocks, has prepared a programme of great popular operatic arias, duets & ensembles by Verdi, Puccini and Mozart from La Traviata, La Bohème, La Rondine and The Marriage of Figaro.
World-class conductor Dr David Kram, will direct an ensemble of six musicians & four singers against the dramatic backdrop of Cape Otway Lightstation and the Southern Ocean.
The programme will feature operatic tenor Jonathon Welch and soprano Deborah Cheetham performing popular songs and ensembles from three of the greatest music theatre and operetta composers in Leonard Bernsteins West Side Story, George Gershwins Porgy and Bess and Lehars Merry Widow.
The finale will feature excerpts from Deborah Cheethams enthralling Pecan Summer Australias first Indigenous opera.
Read more about the show in the press release, or have a look at a gallery of images from previous Opera in the Otways events.

Stars of the Opera

Funnyman Rod is Host with the Most

ROD Quantock, the thinkers comedian and celebrated artist, is MC at this years Opera in the Otways.
Hes notched up more than 30 years in the spotlight working in cabaret, theatre, television, radio, advertising, the corporate sector and, of course, stand-up.
On the comedy circuit Rod is applauded for his intelligent and sophisticated brand of satire delivered in an unpretentiously funny style.
Rod, an Australian cultural icon, is the perfect fit for the job of hosting Opera in the Otways. In 2004 he won a Sydney Myer Performing Arts Award, placing him among a stellar line-up of recipients including Geoffrey Rush, Robin Nevin, Lucy Guerin and Paul Grabowsky.

Bright Young Things

APART from showcasing opera, each year we mix the programme up with a brilliant support act, and this year its The Twoks with Xani Kolac on electric violin & vocals and Mark Leahy on drums.
The electric violin is the electric guitar Xani Kolac never had. Sending the violin through effects such as distortion, delay, the mighty pog and a BOSS RC-50, Xani loops live, sings and plays violin simultaneously.
Mark Leahy is the driving tribal rhythm that takes this alternative art-pop music into a bright and edgy dance genre with a hint of chamber music-experimentica.
The Twoks are influenced by the likes of Frances Camille, Imogen Heap, Bjork, Andrew Bird, Leonard Cohen, My Brightest Diamond as well as the instrumental talents of Astor Piazzolla and Martin Hayes.
Live, The Twoks are something truly special.
They have released one album, an EP, and are currently working on their second album Two due out in October, which they will follow with a national tour.
“This musical duo is a delight to watch. The rich, layered sound that was produced by only an electric violin and drum kit was stunning: I sat transfixed through the hour-long set as Aussie’s Xani Kolac and Mark Leahy showcased their musical genius.” threeweeks.com
Have a look at the latest video from The Twoks on YouTube.